If you’ve heard of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting you may also know it’s challenging. It’s also something that investors and executives are deeply focused on. We can help you get your @#$% together and report like a champ.

ESG is a risk report compiled to show investors how society may be impacted by operations. It immediately brings to mind issues such as environmental impact and resource scarcity. These form an element of ESG but the term means much more. It covers social issues like a company's labor practices, talent management, safety and data security.

ESG measurement and reporting is a major challenge for firms:

There is a lack of standardization on ESG metrics particularly when it comes to health and safety. EHS works with industry groups to align ESG reporting metrics in order to compare apples to apples.

Having multiple data sources to pull from can be a struggle. EHS brings ESG data from many sources into one unified data source, making reporting a breeze.

Typically, these would be compiled in different departments/programs within a company, but the EHS Platform can bring them all together.

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