How Do We Deal With Stress?

Since Covid doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, we are all doing our best to survive. We asked the team how they are dealing with stress, whether Covid or not (there are other things that can bug us, not mentioning any names of family members) and these are their responses.

Some may be edited for comic relief.

Firoze – “Serenity Now!!!!”

(yelling it really helps)

Tam – “Inner Peace…”

(is this wishful thinking, or does that come from bouncing on a ball?)

Cory – “Listen to music and smoke a pipe.”

(ewwww the smell though!)

Jennifer – “Read a book with a cat on my lap and a glass of good red wine.”


Noel – “Ride like the wind.”

(well, maybe like a light breeze…)

MK – “Sourdough baking.”

(ya, thanks for making us all FAT from your delicious bread!)

Ehsan – When gyms are open I go to the gym. If not, I eat trash to get a temporary endorphin release then feel bad about it the next day so I eat more trash to feel better.

(this seems like a completely healthy cycle…hmmmm)

Ehsan and Lebis share a meal…

Lebis – “I run, then eat trash food. To keep the balance.”

(Yes, right, balance…)

Eric – “Listening to ‘The Office’ as background noise.”

(coincidentally, this is how we usually look at Eric in the office)

Manley – “I read murder mysteries and history books. Average over the past year: 5 to 6 a month.”

(well we know who to call when we want to get away with murder……)

Harry – “Ride my bicycle!”

(Harry is one of our younger team members)

Michelle – “Stress? What stress?…”

(…laughs maniacally…………)

But seriously, we are all trying to do our best at staying sane and stress free. Mental health is very important, especially in these crazy times.

Stay healthy everyone!