Merry Mask-Mas

We asked our people to do two things: take a picture of themselves doing something silly in a mask, and write two sentences about themselves. Here are some of the responses:

Noel aka the karate…adult

I like to Karate chop nonsense. Don’t make me angry!

Cory “crutches are my weapon” Bass

“I look to the horizon. Mostly because I’m tall.”

Prince Harry – flexing for the monarchy

I’ve been at EHS for 6 months now as a student Software Developer and have had a great time learning a lot and meeting great people! I enjoy riding my bicycle and of course programming!

Kelsey our resident yogi/HR department

I grew up in the 80’s when kids could still bring peanut butter to school. That might explain my new obsession for learning macramé…


MK vs the soccer ball

I am a practical Data Scientist working hard to eliminate serious workplace injuries. Sit down, give me your data and I will tell you the Future…


Tam does not have a ball for a head…or does he?!

I’ve been a Software Developer at EHS Analytics for over 2 years. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking and working out.


Lebis – staring up at the plane he will fly one day…

I made myself a programmer to build cool stuff that people could find useful. Sports, videogames and coffee are my passions, and one day I will fly a plane by myself.


Michelle – the Canadian jumping bean

I know safety like the back of my hand. Oh god what’s that spot?!


Ehsan – even Covid is afraid of those pipes

I am Ehsan. I’m new to the company. I don’t have Covid.

Will YOU be my friend?

My name is Eric and I’m an engineer. I don’t know how to talk about myself.

(that’s all I could think of in the last 5 hours)

Eric Pinkston

Meet our resident zombie mascot

I am Priya. I like brains…


The real thief went THAT way

Can’t get used to wearing this mask when I’m in the bank. I’m sure it will help in my next police profile.


We wish you a Safe Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

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