If You’re Not Ahead, You’re Behind

Advice for transitioning into a Po-Co world (Po-Co = Post Covid)

Here we are in the eighth month of the biggest health crisis in modern history. If we have learned one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that data driven decisions are not only important, they can be matters of life and death.

Without real-time data, health authorities would have been battling an invisible enemy in the dark.

COVID has also taught us that “normal” is a thing of the past and planning the future of your organization to be a mirror of how you operated in the past is dangerous folly.

Darwin did not say the strongest would survive — he said the species most able to adapt will survive. Adaptation is change but because change involves risk, you need to be courageous to achieve results.

Are you taking the signs of change, even small one seriously? Are you positioned to provide support and services to the industry, companies, or workers you are responsible for while emerging post pandemic?

Understanding today’s business environment with recognition of the changes in demographics, the economy, and the new technological reality will be is the first step in being ahead of the curve in essentially everything.

This takes strong leadership.

Data acquisition and analysis are the essential tools of modern leaders. They are a means of creating a new Po-Co (Post Covid) organization.

As we all move through crisis management to recovery, we should take our lead from the Health Care industry, who have necessarily adapted and changed. They have been our best example by addressing not just crisis management, but adapting in-service delivery and process throughout with changes that are of long-term benefit.

This crisis management and adaptation is based on key data, and using that data to make informed decisions. It is a science-based approach which is validated when done well. Success has come to those who used a combination of excellent leadership skills and data to create as safe an environment as is imaginable – considering the circumstances.

If you need any direction to see where a less than scientific, non-data based, politically-driven decision based approach will lead, take a look at our neighbor to the south.

“AI is now becoming a required business capability—not just a “nice to have”

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Economic recovery will proceed with data-based decision making processes. It is associations who are capturing industry performance data that will empower their industry and represent organizations best in their advocacy work. Economic stimulus programs need to be based on real need, not political aspirations. Real time performance data will counter the efforts to secure political support leading to less corruption and crony capitalism.

Information on how industry members perform in the areas of safety and social involvement or responsibility, and illustrating that they have a responsible governance structure is key data required to sway those governing to address recovery plans.

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance has recently released an interesting article on AI and risk management. The Forum states that “AI is now becoming a required business capability—not just a “nice to have”—and offers great advice on managing the implementation of AI in your business.

I offer this simply to encourage you to reimagine how you will enter this next chapter of the Po-Co world.

While the challenges are huge, there is a world of solutions available to you. However, successful implementation will be based on how you lead your organization into the changing environment.

This is your opportunity to position your organization as a modern center of excellence, expertise, and information and as a leader.