Integrated Safety Record Management

Problem 1

Lack of unified data from multiple sources.

Problem 2

Impossible to report in a timely manner.

It is no secret that most organizations struggle with data. It can be stored in multiple locations and even similar data can be of widely varying degrees of quality and structure. This is a significant issue for firms wishing to gain value and insight from their data through analysis, reporting and visualizations.

Working with a medium-sized firm, EHS was tasked with solving their data issues. Data was infrequent, often as old as 6 months – hardly reliable or useful for a fast-paced business.

EHS worked to streamline their several safety management systems, two HR systems and project database into a single reporting structure producing records from site immediately with real-time dashboards. Data is now sourced both from the EHS Mobile App and a third-party safety management system fully integrated into the EHS DataHub (the vendor is a member of EHS’s partner program).

This achievement demonstrates the flexibility of the EHS Platform to work with multiple, disparate data sources and resolve many of the issues which most historical systems cannot.