Small Contractor Engagement

Problem 1

Difficulty engaging small contractors.

Problem 2

Rainbow of forms from owners/operators.

In 2017, EHS began working with forestry contractors who expressed the need for industry-level analysis to address injury rates. EHS partnered with the safety association and industry association to solve two main problems:

First, most contractors do not have an internal safety management application, severely limiting the source data available to address injury rates.

Second, those larger firms that do have systems were not aligned on reporting standards and had poor data quality due to non-structured reporting tools.

The solution EHS provided began with guidance and direction leading to a reporting standard, where EHS worked with the larger firms to implement those standards internally. The next step was the development and deployment of a mobile application (the EHS Mobile App) which could be delivered for pennies per firm, works offline in remote areas, has a desktop web-app component, operates as a company’s stand-alone safety management application and meets the new standards of the industry.

The result: larger firms are now integrated into the EHS Platform using their pre-existing internal safety management applications and small to medium sized firms have adopted the EHS Mobile App for reporting and internal record keeping. This data is now available as part of an industry collaboration effort to address injury rates, reduce administration costs, and focus the industry’s efforts on severe outcomes.

EHS takes special pride in helping small to medium-sized firms trying to grow and maintain successful safety programs, bringing them into the modern, digital age.