Statistical Evaluation of the COR program

Problem 1

No knowledge of effectiveness of COR and Training.

Problem 2

No easy way to visualize and analyze ongoing performance data.

In the construction sector, a program known as COR (Certificate of Recognition) has widely been used as a method of both establishing a rigorous, internal, audited safety program as well as demonstrating to clients a commitment to safety. However, there has been significant debate as to the effectiveness of COR, particularly for smaller firms, undermining the ability to promote the program across industry.

Our client, a safety association in construction, was in need of a permanent, integrated solution across audit, training and injury performance data. The EHS solution was to integrate in real—time with existing database sources and produce a reliable, accurate and valuable series of dashboarding tools. The product of this work is a combined data set which is available for constant monitoring of performance at the industry and member level.

The ultimate result of this work was a series of research studies largely focused on the effectiveness of COR and demonstrating the significant returns to companies who enroll in the program. Spoiler alert: small firms have seen the most significant results. This exciting outcome will be used to demonstrate the value of the program across the sector and encourage increasing enrolment.

Our work continues to reinforce EHS’s research excellence in the Safety Science sector.