Thoughts From My Career as an Association Executive

We have all heard the old saying “May you live in interesting times”.

Regardless of where this saying originated, I can tell you that after more than 5 months into the COVID Pandemic it did give me pause to consider not just the times we have been living in, but how I have been living in these interesting times

I am now close to three years away from one of the best jobs one could ever imagine. Running two great Construction Associations for a total of nearly 24 years was a privilege and an honour.

That lengthy timeline provided me with valuable perspectives on not just an industry that is critical to Canada’s economy but to the value that not-for-profit Industry Associations bring to local, provincial and national economies. I have seen the positive impact that well thought-out programming can have on workforce development, on fair, open and transparent procurement processes. and above all improving the lives of construction workers by implementing modern safety protocols.

Not long after I left the BC Construction Association I got the opportunity to work on a number of projects. While researching training specific to the administration of construction companies,  assessing modular or offsite building for the venerable training institution – BC Institute of Technology – or later in my position with EHS Analytics, it became very clear that data is today’s most pressing and effective tool in rebuilding your organization’s position and purpose.

I am now enjoying working with organizations such as safety associations to advance their purposes and processes to ensure they are relevant in our new world. Most importantly I believe those organizations want to position themselves so that they provide value in their offerings in a new world where data and analytics are now expected by their members and the general public.

Data now plays a key role in every aspect of business: facility design, construction, maintenance, operations, training, business planning & management, and business development. It also plays a key role in operating and advancing those organizations who are tasked with aiding industry – the associations.

It is up to you to harness the power of data and data analysis to propel your organization into the future. I do have some thoughts on what tools you can use to further that effort which I will expand on in future posts. In the meantime please reach out to me if you would like to chat!

I did not ever see myself writing a blog, however, these are “interesting times” and I embrace the new opportunities of technology. I do invite you to follow my postings here over the next while. I sincerely hope my observations are helpful and I do look forward to your comments and feedback.