EHS Mobile App

Enhance visibility into contractor safety performance

Improve contractor safety report submission.


A safety data submission app designed to help your contractors improve their reporting and record keeping

Implement Your Standardized Forms

Deploy your organisation’s standardized forms to contractors, ensuring consistency and clarity.

Real-time, Consistent Field Reports

Receive timely reports from the field that adhere to standardized formats, enabling effective comparison and analysis across contractors & projects.

Uncover Deep Insights into Contractor Safety Performance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of contractor safety performance through in-depth data analysis and visualization tools.

Empower Contractors to Enhance Safety Programs

Provide valuable resources for contractors to manage and elevate their safety programs, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Up-to-date Worker Training Profiles

Contractors maintain and update worker training profiles, ensuring compliance.

Seamless Integration with Leading Safety Certifications

Supports important safety certifications like COR, SECOR, and SAFE, ensuring alignment with industry safety standards.

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