Generating intel with artificial intelligence

The EHS Incident Description Analyzer (EIDA), is an AI Agent That Comprehends Unstructured Safety Text

Powered by LLMs, EIDA's ability to interpret OHS data unlocks additional information as it can quickly read, understand, and capture relevant data from free form text descriptions. Trained on a massive body of OHS data, EIDA can automate the analysis of thousands of descriptions identifying previously hidden themes and patterns.

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Infer Incident Characteristics

Infer incident characteristics (like potential severity, SIFP,...) and classify incidents into appropriate categories like people, property damage, near misses, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, process safety... and more.

Process large volumes of data

EIDA processes large volumes of unstructured safety text quickly and accurately 24/7, extracting important attributes from descriptions that are often often missed by human analysis. 

Root-Cause Analysis

EIDA identifies the root cause of the incident by tracing backwards. 

Improved Reporting

Unlocked attributes and insights are meaningfully displayed in beautiful analytics dashboards, ready to be shared with your team. 

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