Industry-Wide Injury Prevention

EHS Industry Insights

EHS Analytics partners with industry stakeholders to construct expansive, anonymized, aggregated sector specific safety datasets. These datasets and the resultant analytics serve as invaluable tools for benchmarking, facilitating collaboration, and driving initiatives aimed at reducing injuries.

Secure Platform


Safely housed in a secure, fault-tolerant data center, sector safety data is protected and highly available.

Aggregation & Anonymization

Privacy is ensured through aggregation and anonymization. You always retain ownership of your data and you’re always in control.

Taxonomy Normalisation

Standardizing taxonomies across organizations is achieved through our EHS proprietary machine learning agents.

Identify Latent Risks

Obscure risks that are hard to detect become more apparent when leveraging a broader, sector-wide dataset.


Industry Collaboration for Incident Prevention

The EHS Platform

Existing in an isolated bubble of your own data can only tell you so much. Safety is an industry-wide issue and your data is much more powerful when analyzed alongside a larger industry data set, so why not work together?

EHS Industry Insights Dashboard


Our platform enables data analysis across an entire sector while adhering to strict privacy and security requirements. Not only can we give you a true picture of what is happening inside your company, we can help you benchmark against your peers. Working together will identify trends and focus your safety dollars where they have the biggest impact.



Our technology aggregates and uses data from your current software products to identify safety issues and evaluate your safety program’s effectiveness.

EHS Analytics provides insight derived from industry data, allowing benchmarking and collaboration in the development of sector-wide EHS performance initiatives. This accomplishes more than any one company can do in isolation.

As a bonus, senior leadership loves the meticulously designed reports and dashboards.  The clarity and depth of information provided empowers leadership to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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