Are you getting the most out of your safety data collection? Looking to add additional data sets?

Intelligent Data Collection

Improve the quality and quantity of your data. Improve analytics.

Key Benefits

Good insights require quality data.

Data serves as the foundation for informed decision-making, proactive risk mitigation, and continuous improvement. Good data helps shape effective strategies for risk mitigation and harm reduction. 

Accuracy & Reliability

High-quality data is accurate, reliable, and free from errors or inconsistencies. It provides a true reflection of safety incidents, hazards, near-misses, and other relevant safety metrics. Reliable data enables organizations to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions that address actual risks, reducing the likelihood of incidents and injuries. 

Completeness & Consistency

Quality data is comprehensive, capturing all necessary information related to safety events or observations. It ensures that no critical details are missed, allowing for thorough analysis and effective risk mitigation. Consistency in data collection methods and definitions is equally important, ensuring that data remains comparable and can be analyzed over time for trend identification and benchmarking.

Timeliness & Accessibility

Data should be collected and made available in a timely manner to enable you to take action. Real-time safety data empowers safety managers to identify emerging trends, potential risks, or compliance gaps promptly. Easy accessibility to data allows stakeholders to retrieve and analyze information efficiently, driving timely decision-making and intervention strategies.

Establish & Enhance Predictive Capabilities

Increasing the quantity of data expands the scope of predictive analytics. With a larger data pool, we can help organizations anticipate potential safety risks. This helps organizations mitigate elevated risk and  prevent catastrophic events. Robust data sets facilitate the identification of patterns, correlations, and leading indicators that can help predict and prevent incidents.


Improve and Scale your Data Collection Strategy


Experienced experts in safety and data analytics. Tailored solutions.

Analytics Maturity Roadmap: Complete data audits, data evaluations, business-case, analytics roadmap and POCs to help advance your data strategy.

Data Acquisition: Provide guidance on how to collect and store good quality data. Recommend strategies and best practices to help achieve data goals.

EHS Analytics Ascendancy Model - Aug 2023 - Presentation
Incident Report & Dashboard


A centralized platform for managing contractor-related safety data.

Track and monitor contractor compliance, analyze incident submissions, and ensure alignment with safety protocols. By streamlining contractor data management, organizations can optimize operations, reduce risks, and foster a safer working environment.

- Reduce number of forms/rainbow of forms effect
- Increase contractor engagement
- Gather data from “down the chain”


A forms management system for web and mobile applications.

Help your contractors manage incident reporting, observations, investigations and even audit/form submissions. Designed for you to deliver standardisation to your contractors and streamline administrative operations to give you deep insights into their safety performance.

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