The Science of Safety

Big Data

To COR, or not to COR…

Using COR audit results and WCB claims data, we studied the effectiveness of the COR program in three subsectors.


OPM as a potential leading indicator

If the surveys demonstrate aggregate alignment with incidents, they can be applied as leading indicators for companies as a warning indicator.

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence is not a Magic Box

It should be clear now why we believe no ML algorithm is magic. To have a smart machine we need good data to train the machine with.

Big Data

Getting Past the Safety Plateau

What if we could actually analyze trends and benchmark against other companies? Educate senior management, using numbers to show leading indicators?

Guest Author

Using AI Sensors for Safety

Wearable technology helps reduce injuries and increase awareness in many aspects of safety for individuals and organizations alike.

Company Culture

Merry Mask-Mas

We asked our people to do two things: take a picture of themselves doing something silly in a mask, and write two sentences about themselves.

Guest Author

The Role of COR in Reducing Serious Injuries

A growing body of evidence suggests that implementing COR in small Saskatchewan construction firms can reduce occurrence of all injures by up to 40%.

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